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   000: The True Origin
   001: Wild Child
   002: The Origin
   003: Young Logan
   004: The Amazing Skunk-Bear
   005: Sabretooth and Silver Fox
   006: The Lost Years
   007: The Thirties
   008: Ogun
   009: World War II
   010: Landau, Luckman and Lake
   011: Team X Beginnings
   012: Logan, Creed and North
   013: Secret Agent Man, eh?
   014: Weapon X: The Origin(s)
   015: Weapon X: Adamantium
   016: Memory Implants
   017: The Ultimate Warrior
   018: Weapon X: Escape
   019: The Hudsons
   020: License to Kill
   021: Department H: Weapon X
   022: Department H: The Flight
   023: The Best There Is
   024: The Wolverine
   025: The X-Men
   026: Death in the Family
   027: The Phoenix
   028: Where No X-Men Has Gone
   029: Missing, Presumed Dead

The Wolverine Files

024 - The Wolverine

The Wolverine

Dave Cockrum , Giant-Size X-Men #1.

© and ™  by Marvel Characters, Inc.


      Logan returns to Canada and moves to Alpha Base as Canada's official superhero, known as Weapon X and The Wolverine, under the auspices of Department H and the Canadian military…


X-Men #94 (Aug 1975) - "Chapter One: The Doomsmith Scenario"

Writer: Chris Claremont; Plotter: Len Wein; Artist: Dave Cockrum

     Wolverine comments after joining the X-Men, "...it sure beats sittin' round Alpha Base waitin' for a go call."


X-Men #106 (Aug 1977) - "Dark Shroud of the Past"

Writer: Chris Claremont; Penciler: Bob Brown (flashback); Inker: Tom Sutton

     Wolverine, in describing the difficulty of the X-Men's Danger Room, states, “…These lasers is a peach compared to runnin' the assault course at Alpha Base.”


Marvel Comics #50 (1990) – “Life's End, Part III : Breaking Point”

Writer: Erik Larsen; Penciler: Erik Larsen; Inker: Joe Rubinstein

     Logan is friends with a mysterious superhero who he calls “Captain.” Logan alone seems to be concerned for his welfare later in life, especially when his mutant daughter gets kidnapped, suggesting that he knew them before he joined the X-Men. After freeing father and daughter, Logan helps them gain new identities, as the Becks.

    The Web site, www.marvunapp.com, reports that Erik Larsen wrote this appearance as a tribute to CC Beck, the creator of DC Comics' Captain Marvel (see http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/crtmss.htm).


Marvel Holiday Special #1 (1991) - “A Miracle A Few Blocks Down From 34th Street

Writer: Scott Lobdell; Artist: Dave Cockrum; Inker: Joe Rubinstein

     Wolverine recognizes Unus the Untouchable from his Department H file. It is probable that Wolverine spent much of his time researching other superheroes.


     …At some point, Wolverine is recruited for a mission involving time travel to 1936 to fight the Nazis…

Logan goes back in time

Rick Leonardi and Al Williamson, X-Men: True Friends #3.

© and ™  by Marvel Characters, Inc.


X-Men: True Friends #2 (Oct 1999) – “Royal Hunt”

Writer: Chris Claremont; Penciler: Rick Leonardi; Inker: Al Williamson & Jimmy Palmiotti

     In Edinburgh, Scotland, 1936, Alasdhair Kinross crosses paths with Kitty Pryde, a young mutant teammate of Logan 's from the 1990s who accidentally travels back in time by 60 years with another mutant, Rachel Summers. After a confrontation with Nazis Baron Von Strucker and Geist, and a dangerous Egyptian telepath Amahl Farouk who seek to assist in usurping the British throne, Kinross and Pryde are dumped in the Edinburgh harbor and left for dead. Logan dives in after them and rescues Kitty while Kinross makes the surface under his own power. Logan introduces himself as Wolverine, and shields Kitty's body when faced with a hail of bullets from pursuing Nazis. Logan quickly recovers and attacks the Nazis, using his claws to wipe out the Nazi horde.

     As noted before, the only way to explain the existence of Wolverine and his claws in 1936 is to have Logan from his Department H/Alpha Base days transported through time. Since Logan claims to have never met Kitty Pryde, we can surmise this adventure took place before he joined the X-Men. Logan says, “Some people I work with called in a marker, said there'd be trouble, young folks needin' help.” Perhaps Landau, Luckman and Lake or some government agency requested that Wolverine travel back in time to protect Kitty and Kinross. As Logan says, “I'm a sucker for thumpin' Nazis.” According to the Chris Claremont Checklist, X-Men: True Friends was originally written and penciled in 1990, but not published until 1999.


X-Men: True Friends #3 (Nov 1999) – “Claiming the Crown”

Writer: Chris Claremont; Penciler: Rick Leonardi; Inker: Al Williamson

     Logan takes Kitty Pryde and Alasdhair Kinross to the home of Mr. Raven Darkholme (later the villain Mystique), a consulting detective, and Miss Irene Adler (later Destiny of the second Brotherhood of Mutants), a blind psychic with the ability to see possible futures. It seems that at least Miss Adler is quite familiar with Logan , calling him, “my dear friend.” Kitty announces her plans to take down the Third Reich to prevent the Holocaust, but Irene Adler privately expresses concerns about the impact of altering a set history. Before Kitty can act, she receives a telepathic vision from Rachel Summers (her time-travelling companion who is now under the control of Amahl Farouk) that Alasdhair Kinross's cousin, Lilibet, has escaped a kidnapping by the Nazis. Logan, Kitty and Alasdhair rush to rescue Lilibet. When the threesome finally do track down the Nazis at the Royal Palace of Holyrood House, Logan tears off the roof of the Nazis' sedan with his claws, revealing Farouk, Strucker and Geist. Farouk psychically blasts Logan to the ground while Strucker shoots him several times. When Logan comes to, Strucker and Farouk are gone, and Geist is incapacitated, courtesy of Kitty Pryde who phased his leg into the pavement. Heading inside, Logan plans to incapacitate the Scottish guards under Farouk's psychic control but is attacked by the psychic mutant Rachel Summers. Shortly, Rachel drags Logan into the underground throne room where Farouk and Strucker stand over Kitty and Lilibut. When Kitty phases through Farouk to disrupt his psychic powers, Logan leaps up and attack Strucker who is armed with a sword. As they parry, sword against claws, Logan quickly shows up Germany 's top swordsman. Strucker counters with a sword thrust through Logan's midsection, but Logan takes the shot in stride, quickly defeating Strucker with a little help from his healing factor. Kitty, meanwhile, defeats Farouk with help from Rachel Summers, freed from Farouk's control, and the Sword of Scone. In a blast of light, Kitty and Rachel return to their present, presumably, so does Logan .

     Expanding upon the time-traveling theory, it is possible that Logan, Raven Darkholme (or Mystique), and Irene Adler were recruited in early 1970s together to run this mission in 1936. This is the cleanest explanation since it would not necessitate Logan knowing Irene Adler in 1936. To further bolster the theory of Logan 's time-travel, we find Logan paraphrasing Magnum Force (1973) in 1936, “I guess the man doesn't know his limitations.” And while battling Baron Strucker, Logan makes more comments that are in line with his future self, “Kill me as many times as you like, my healing factor will always bring me back. I'm the new kid on the block, the next generation of humanity's evolution.” Also note that when Kitty returns to the present, her time-travels are confirmed by Logan and other present in the past, suggesting that the events took place within our continuity and not some alternate timeline. Logan does display a sense of humor about his age, when he implies he knew Ben Franklin. That is, of course, an impossibility, but it would speak to the realization that he is quite old.


X-Treme X-Men #1 (Jul 2001) – “Now, It Begins!”
Creators: Chris Claremont & Salvador Larroca

     Sage, a mutant with a computer-like memory, reveals the history of Irene Adler and Raven Darkholme. “Irene Adler was a child of privilege, born to an age when science and romance walked hand in hand… When she was 13… she gained the ability to perceive the future, in all its myriad permutations… but had become physically blind…. To aid her in her quest, she enlisted the services of a consulting detective named Raven Darkholme. Ultimately, Raven became Mystique. Irene Adler became Destiny.”

X-Men Unlimited #9 (Aug 2005) – “Dead Man Walking”

Writer/Artist: Matt Fraction and Sam Keith

     Logan reminisces about his clashes with the Nazis in a likely reference to his time-traveling escapades. He also remembers nearly being trampled by horses trying to get away from poachers who he later killed. And he remembers sharing these stories and more with a good friend, Johnny, who he used to drink to excess with. Johnny is a merchant marine, a drinking buddy and a boxer. One night after an especially memorable fight and even more memorable evening of drinking, Logan and Johnny are attacked. Johnny is shot trying to protect Logan , sending Logan into a rage that results in the miscreants being carved up by Logan 's claws. Johnny is gimpy from the attack and is forced to walk with a cane, but his girl Grace helps him get through it all.

     With all of the events of this story taking place in flashback, I took the easiest route and placed them all together in the same time period. Since most of the flashbacks include Logan with his claws, it seems most probable that it would take place shortly after his trip back to Nazi Germany.

Wolverine/Shi: Dark Night of Judgment (2000)

Creator: William Tucci and Beau Smith; Inker: Rich Perotta

     Logan is again summoned to fight for the legendary Kage Ryu' dragon warriors against the Sohei warrior monks of Kyoto in the Quarter War of 1975. Logan is clearly considered to be the greatest warrior of the Kage Ryu' as a result of his third consecutive victory over the Sohei warrior monks. Note that as this information is from a cross-comic company storyline (Marvel and Crusade Entertainment) with characters not traditionally from Marvel continuity (Shi), the veracity of these events is suspect.

 Wolverine: Soultaker #1 (May 2005) – “Chapter One: The Mark of Mana”
Writer: Akira Yoshida; Illustrator: Shin “Jason” Nagasawa

     Logan visits an old friend in Tokyo, Japan, an expert in Japanese magic. Logan states, “I've known Kenichiro for years. There ain't nothin' mystical or magical happening in Japan this cat don't know about.” It is conceivable that Logan met him through his encounter with the Quarter War of 1975.


X-Men #118 (Feb, 1979)/Classic X-Men #24 (Aug 1988) – “The Submergence of Japan ”

Writer: Chris Claremont; Penciler: John Byrne & Kieron Dwyer; Inker: Ric Villamonte & Terry Austin

     Wolverine reminisces while in Japan that, “I was a punk kid last time I was in Japan . I didn't figure on ever comin' back.” When Chris Claremont fleshed out these early X-Men stories some nine years later in Classic X-Men , he changed the internal dialogue to, “I was a punk kid first time I came to Japan . An' the last time I left, I didn't figure on ever coming back.” Can the two versions of dialogue be reconciled? It is conceivable Logan views much of his life before joining the X-Men (when he saves the galaxy from destruction for instance) as when he was a “punk kid.” This is a Logan-esque view of the world: he has grown up only recently, his earlier life lived as a punk kid.


    …While delving through Department H information, Logan apparently becomes aware of connections with the old Weapon X program, a program that he still has no memory of…


Wolverine #129 (Oct 1998) – “Whatever It Takes…”

Writer: Todd Dezago; Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu; Inker: Edgar Tadeo

     Wolverine internally monologues, “'cause of my healing factor, I was a candidate for an experimental process funded by an off-shoot of the Canadian Military called Department H. It was called the Weapon X Program. Through months o' agonizing pain, they were able to lace my skeleton with unbreakable adamantium.” This is the first time Wolverine connects Department H directly with Experiment X. We have no proof Department H ran the program, and we know that James Hudson was not involved.

New Avengers: Illuminati #1 (May 2006)

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Alex Maleev

     In a secret meeting with Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner; Charles Xavier; Reed Richards; Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Black Bolt (King of the Inhumans), and the Black Panther, Namor cites a rumor about “a mutant assassin working for Canadian Secret Services.” Later in the meeting, Xavier asks to talk about Krakoa, an island in the South Pacific. This would suggest that it was Namor who first brings Logan to Xavier’s attention prior to the recruitment of the new X-Men.

Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975) - "Second Genesis"

Writer and Co-Creator: Len Wein; Illustrator and Co-Creator: Dave Cockrum

     Professor Charles Xavier arranges a meeting with Weapon X at a top secret Canadian military base in Quebec and offers the Wolverine the chance to join the X-Men. The Wolverine, intrigued at the opportunity of becoming a free agent, agrees. When his commanding officer, Chasen, objects, the Wolverine slices his tie and resigns his commission from the Canadian military "---effective immediately!"

The Wolverine resigns

Dave Cockrum , Giant-Size X-Men #1.

© and ™  by Marvel Characters, Inc.

X-Men: Second Genesis (1994)

Writer: Paul Mantell and Avery Hart (adapted from Giant-Size X-Men #1)

    It is interesting to note that in this children's book adaptation (a Bullseye Book published by Random House), the commanding officer that Wolverine confronts is listed as General Bradford, not Major Chasen. This is the only known instance of General Bradford.

Alpha Flight #17 (Dec 1984) – “Dreams Die Hard”

Creator: John Byrne

     Heather Hudson relates to Logan the repercussions of his resignation. James Hudson was showing off his new Vindicator battlesuit to Heather (ostensibly upgraded since Weapon X gutted him and the suit), when Gary Cody storms in with an emergency. Major Chasen is on the vidcom, furious over Weapon X's actions. Feeling betrayed, Mac broods over Logan 's departure until he is summoned to the Canadian Prime Minister's office and ordered to retrieve Wolverine from the United States , due in part to the millions of dollars the Canadian government had invested in him.


Wolverine #144 (Nov 1999) – “First Cut”

Writer: Erik Larsen & Eric Stephenson; Penciler: Mike Miller; Inker: Vince Russell

     In a conversation with SHIELD agent Dum Dum Dugan, Logan confirms that he was with Department H when he joined the X-Men.


Classic X-Men #25/2 (Sept 1988) – “Just Don't Look in its Eyes…”

Writer: Ann Nocenti; Artist: John Bolton

     It is clear that even though Logan resigned from Department H, he still maintained ties with Canadian Intelligence based on the fact that he continued to run missions for them even though he worked with the X-Men in the United States .


    …Back in Canada , the government considers other options in replacing Wolverine…


Cable: Blood and Metal #1 (Oct 1992)

Writer: Fabian Nicieza; Penciler: John Romita, Jr.; Inker: Dan Green

     Under the auspices of Commander Bridge and General Clarke, Garrison Kane is turned into the new Weapon X, apparently sponsored through the Canadian government's Department K. It seems that the Canadian government adopted the Experiment X program when it was discovered and began integrating it after Wolverine resigned.


Deadpool #57 (Oct 2001) – “Deadpool: Agent of Weapon X, Part 1: Facelift”

Writer: Frank Tieri; Penciler: Georges Jeanty; Inker: Jon Holdredge with Vines

     Kane is confirmed as a one-time human member from one of the previous Weapon X projects.


Wolverine #143 (Oct 1999) – “Rebirth”

Writer: Erik Larsen & Eric Stephenson; Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu; Inker: Dexter Vines

     Kane claims that he and Wolverine were “…reshaped by the same government program.”


Deadpool/Death '98 (1998) – “A Kiss, a Curse, a Cure”

Writer: Joe Kelly; Penciler: Steve Harris; Inker: Reggie Jones

     Wade Wilson, a mercenary with terminal cancer, volunteers for Department K experimentation where his cancer is cured by a mutant healing factor implant from Weapon X (Logan). Unable to make it as a superhero, he is dropped from the Weapon X program into a sadistic dead pool of washouts. Wade escapes, but loses his mind in the process.


     …Finally, General Clarke, Technical Director of Department H (circa 1998), does float a false history of Logan


Alpha Flight (Vol. 2) #8 (Mar 1998) – “The Weapon X Files”
Writer: Steve Seagle; Penciler: Scott Clark; Inker: Chris Carlson

     General Clarke explains, “The Chi Protocols were initiated by the Ministry of Defense as a counter to America 's ‘Super Soldier Serum' program; to generate champions for Canada.” General Clarke suggests, “A man known only as Logan broke free from McNally Penitentiary where he was serving time for assault and robbery. Wielding a knife he had fashioned from one of his own finger bones, Logan murdered two prison guards in making his escape. At the age of 26, Logan had already worked secret service missions as a soldier of fortune and a marksman. During that time he lost his sanity and became a cold-blooded killing machine. He followed up his prison break with a second major crime spree near Halifax , Nova Scotia stealing the helicopter of an island delivery service to make good his escape. Unfortunately for Logan , the helicopter had only fuel to make it into dense forests slightly to the west where it crashed a short time later. There were bones found near the crash site gnawed to almost nothing. Department investigators speculate that Logan may have eaten a lost hunter in the area in order to survive. Whatever he ate, he contracted a nearly fatal illness… Logan was found in the forest by future Alpha member, Michael Twoyoungmen a.k.a. Shaman. Shaman's mystic powers drew him to Logan 's dark psyche, and for reasons known only to him, Shaman chose to nurse Logan back to health and provide him with a totem that to this day gives Weapon X the ability to heal himself. For a long time, Logan lived in the wilds, elusive as the Wendigo. It was during this period that Heather and [James McDonald] came upon him during [their] honeymoon, and to save [Heather's] life, [James Hudson] shot Logan in the chest a point-blank range. Facing possible extradition which he knew would lead to his permanent incarceration, Logan was given the alternative option of trading in his identity and his checkered past with it for extensive physical and behavioral modifications as part of his Chi Protocols. Though potentially life threatening, Logan also volunteered to have his skeletal structure bonded with adamantium, the world's rarest, strongest and most expensive metal. The documents Logan signed at the time of this process stated that if he ever left the program, the adamantium would remain the property of Canada . He underwent hours of exhaustive counseling and therapy to both rehabilitate his dark side and temper his violent tendencies. The protocols and treatments were both resounding successes. Canada finally had her champion. Weapon X was born. Unfortunately, the service of Weapon X didn't last long. After a few sanctioned missions, he fled Canada and has lived as an illegal alien in the United States acting as a member of the X-Men ever since.” General Clarke later admits the story is fabricated.

The CGI Wolverine

Scott Clark and Chris Carlson, Alpha Flight (Vol. 2) #8.
© and ™  by Marvel Characters, Inc.

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